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Die Cutting

From simple geometric shapes to catchy designs that fit your brand, die cuts showcase your business in the most convenient marketing tool at your disposal, your business card. Get a creative look for less by selecting a standard die cut business card shape on your choice of high-quality gloss, matte, uncoated or recycled card stocks. Standard die cut business cards cost substantially less and have a faster turnaround than ordering a new die, which involves custom fabrication.

Die-cutting is a process used in many different industries to cut a thin flat material (in our case, paper) into a specific shape using a steel cutting die.  It can be used to punch out a decorative shape or pattern to incorporate within a larger piece, or it can be used to create the main shape of an object by cutting the entire sheet of paper in an distinct/designed way.


we can combine the precision of our die cutting services with printing. Whether the job involves screen printing, pad printing or conventional printing, Thrust can meet your needs. No volume is too large or too small for us to serve the needs of our customers. Quality, quick turnaround and great customer service sets us apart from others in the industry. Whether it is a six color printing job or special printing requirements, such as printing on a curved surface, Thrust Industries can meet your die cutting needs. To accomplish this, Thrust has partnered with several printing companies whose services compliment our die cutting capabilities. Whether we are fulfilling the printing and die cutting needs of a retail business or industrial application, Thrust will service each on a timely.



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